Tylostigma Schltr., Beih. Bot. Centralbl. 34(2): 297 (1916).
Plants herbaceous, very thin, glabrous, bearing several tubers; sterns habitually bearing the leaves (exception, T. tenellum, which bears its 3-4 leaves at its base) around the center; leaves one to many, well developed Racemes narrow Flowers glabrous very small yellowish or greenish Sepals and petals free slightly connivent Labellum sessile subcordate basally almost always entire provided basally with pits or depressions (speculum), non spurred. Column short, semi-cylindrical. Anther oval, with the cups parallel channel absent pollina piriform subsessile in groups of four viscidiums (2) distinct Rostellum very small, tridentate or notched medially. Stigmas sessile, small and round. Ovary glabrous, subfusiform and slightly twisted.

Tylostigma filiforme H.Perrier Madagascar.
Tylostigma filiforme var. bursiferum H.Perrier Madagascar.
Tylostigma filiforme var. filiforme N. Madagascar.
Tylostigma foliosum Schltr. SE. Madagascar.
Tylostigma herminioides Schltr. C. Madagascar.
Tylostigma hildebrandtii (Ridl.) Schltr. C. Madagascar.
Tylostigma madagascariense Schltr. C. Madagascar.
Tylostigma nigrescens Schltr. C. Madagascar.
Tylostigma perrieri Schltr. C. & SE. Madagascar.
Tylostigma tenellum Schltr, C. Madagascar.

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