Oligophyton H.P.Linder, Kew Bull. 41: 314 (1986).
Terrestrial herbs perennating by testicular tubers. Leaves dimorphic, with ovate patent basal leaves and loosely convoluted cauline leaves. Inflorescence a lax spike, bracts ½ as long as the ovaries, green to somewhat chartaceous. Ovary twisted. Flowers ± resupinated, small, sepals and petals not spreading; sepals 1-nerved; petals more or less enclosed by the petals, 3-nerved, marginally shorter than the sepals; lip substantially shorter than the sepals and obscured by them, 3-lobed and 3-nerved, the lateral lobes blunt and shorter than the central lobe, spur straight or curved; rostellum square with a very small central lobe and the viscidia separate and held in shallow notches in the lateral lobes, staminodes minute; anther erect with two cells; pollen aggregated into massulae, the surface with a fine reticulate pattern; stigma 2-lobed, the lobes sessile, slightly convex, diverging from the base.
E. Zimbabwe


Oligophyton drummondii H.P.Linder & G.Will. E. Zimbabwe (Chimanimani Mts.)



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