Dracomonticola H.P.Linder & Kurzweil, Willdenowia 25: 229 (1995).
Plants herbaceous, perennating by testicular tubers, with a solitary basal leaf and a single cauline leaf. Inflorescence subcapitate with relatively few flowers, bracts green, slightly longer than the ovary, acute to acuminate, sheathing basally. Sepals subequal, narrowly elliptic, acute, shallowly concave, venation visible but not prominent. Petals obliquely ovate, obtuse, concave and folded over the anther, less than half as long as the sepals and the lip and not fused to the gynostemium. Lip subpandurate; basal saccate portion with a curious swelling at the base; apical portion three-lobed, lateral lobes small and erect, central lobe triangular, acute; venation patterns complex with the central vein swollen to form an obscure linear callus at the throat of the saccus. Gynostemium without an undifferentiated column part; anther somewhat reflexed, thecae two, parallel and without a wide connective, anther apex broadly rounded; auricles small and unsculptured; rostellum low, viscidia two, ebursiculate, globose, central lobe hidden between the thecae, measuring approximately one third of the anther; stigmatic surface shallowly concave, with a short entire or bilobed process at the base near the insertion of the lip and adpressed to its basal swelling. Pollinia sectile; caudicles not distinct.
In wet moss on cliffs.
S. Africa

Dracomonticola virginea (Bolus) H.P.Linder & Kurzweil S. Africa (Drakensberg)

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Bibliography and References:
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