Platycoryne Rchb.f., Bonplandia (Hannover) 3: 212 (1855).
Herbs with the appearance of Habenaria, very thin; tubers 2, leaves cauline inflorescence several flowered, flowers, brilliant, entirely of bright yellow-orange Sepals and petals narrow, petals adnate to the median sepal which are all nearly equal in length. Labellum entire, linear, narrow, spurred. Anther nearly free, attached only at its wide base, villous narrow long, obliquely upright, topped with a large, flat, recurved, apical appendage, channel elongated, joined with the arms of the rostellum; pollina linear, cauda filiform and rigid, viscidiums oval, staminodes wide, almost fimbriated marginally. Rostellum with long, cursed arms and a thickened median lobe, which is narrow and half as long as the arms. Stigmas joined by a wide lip, semi-oval, thick, hollowed basally and provided with 2 columns of large yellow papilla.
Trop. Africa, Madagascar
Not in cultivation.

Platycoryne affinis Summerh. Zimbabwe.
Platycoryne affinis var. affinis Zimbabwe.
Platycoryne affinis var. ecalcarata
Platycoryne alinae Szlach.  Cameroon.
Platycoryne ambigua (Kraenzl.) Summerh.  Tanzania.
Platycoryne brevirostris Summerh. Angola to Zambia.
Platycoryne buchananiana (Kraenzl.) Rolfe Trop. Africa.
Platycoryne crocea Rolfe Cameroon to Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.
Platycoryne guingangae (Rchb.f.) Rolfe WC. & S. Trop. Africa.
Platycoryne isoetifolia P.J.Cribb S. Zaïre to Zambia.
Platycoryne latipetala Summerh. S. Zaïre to Zambia.
Platycoryne latipetala var. grandiflora (Summerh.) Geerinck Zaïre.
Platycoryne latipetala var. latipetala. S. Zaïre to Zambia.
Platycoryne lisowskiana Szlach. & Kras Central African Rep.
Platycoryne macroceras Summerh. S. Zaïre to Zambia.
Platycoryne mediocris Summerh. Tanzania to S. Trop. Africa.
Platycoryne megalorrhyncha Summerh.  Nigeria to Cameroon
Platycoryne micrantha Summerh, Angola to Zambia.
Platycoryne paludosa (Lindl.) Rolfe Trop. Africa to Chad.
Platycoryne pervillei Rchb.f. Kenya to S. Trop. Africa, Madagascar.
Platycoryne protearum (Rchb.f.) Rolfe Tanzania to S. Trop. Africa.
Platycoryne protearum var. protearum.  Tanzania to S. Trop. Africa.
Platycoryne protearum var. recurvirostrum G.Will. N. Zambia.
Platycoryne trilobata Summerh. Angola to Zambia.

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