Subtribe Bartholininae Szlach.Folia Geobot. Phytotax. 26: 316. 1991.


Stigma confluent, ovate, concave. Rostellum remote from the receptive surface, relatively small, shelf-like, three-Iobed, the middle one obscure, pleated. Viscidia separate d from each other. Filament,the base of the rostellum and partly dorsal sepalum fused together forming an "internodium". Antherelongate, slender, slightly bent back, the short apical part fertile, producing massulae, the sterile basalpart distinctly longer. Caudicles long, ribbon-like. Connective relatively narrow. No auricles seen.

A monotypic subtribe with only the single genus Bartholina R. Br. in Ait.