Subtribe Satyriinae Schltr. Notizbl. Bot. Gart. Mus. Berlin-Dahlem 9: 568. 1926.


Flowers non-resupinate. Lip flat to dome-like, with two spurs of variable length. Entrances of spurs open on both sides of the anther. Column part elongate, arched, usually distinctly longer than the anther. Auricles 2, usually prominent. Stigma large, occasionally small, convex, fleshy, 2-lobed. Rostellum large, formed of the middle lobe, sometimes with apical projections, well separating both locule apices. Sometimes rostellum midlobe reduced. Viscidia double in most species, firm, detachable. Anther bent back at an angle of ca 180°, through the connective base contiguous with the column part, divergent at the apex. Connective wide. Massulae rounded to elongated. Tetreads isobilateral. Exine semitectate.