Subtribe Disinae Benth. J. Linn. Soc. Bot. 18: 288. 1881.


Flowers resupinate. Lip usually simple, linear. Dorsal sepal saccate to spurred. Spur entrance behind or above the anther. Petals connected with the gynostemium through the rudimentary staminodes.

Seeds of the Disa type.

Stigma convex, padded, fleshy, shortly stalked. Rostellum three-Iobed, both Lateral lobes canaliculate, middle lobe pleated between them and the base of locules. Basal part of the rostellum, the filament, the base of the lip and partially the petals grown together into the "internodium", separating the abaxial part of the gynostemium from the receptive surface. Viscidia usually large, hard. Anther erect to bent back (0° to nearly 180°). Massulae rounded to elongate. Tetrads isobi-lateral. Exine semitectate.