Diceratostele Summerh., Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1938: 151 (1938).
Stems rooting from the lower internodes branched in the apical part. Leaves arranged spirally, petiolate, plicate. Inflorescence terminal or axillar. Flowers inconspicuous, tubular. Lip constricted near the middle. Gynostemium erect, slender. No column foot. Staminodes finger-like, erect, relatively long. Stigmatic surfacee, elliptic, deeply concave. Rostellum triangular, acute, erect, fleshy, with no viscidium. Anther erect, narrow oblong, apiculate, 4-chambered, set at the apex of the rostellum. Pollinia 4, linear, powdery
Type species:
Diceratostele gabonensis Summerhayes
W. & WC. Trop. Africa
Not in cultivation

Diceratostele gabonensis Summerh. W. & WC. Trop. Africa.

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