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Terrestrial herb, stems creeping at the base, roots tomentose. Leaves ovate, petiolate, sheathing at the base. Upper stem with leaves reduced to sheaths; inflorescence terminal, racemose. Bracts conspicuous, broad, glandular-hairy, longer than the ovaries. Sepals free; petals partly joined to dorsal sepal; lip adnate to the column for part of its length, reflexed at the apex, saccate at the base, with calli of various shapes. Column elongate; clinandrium and anther erect, oblong; rostellum erect, 2-lobed, set in front of the anther. Stigma oblong.
Type species: Platylepis occulta (Thouars) Rchb.f.
Tropical Africa, South Africa and the Mascarene Islands.
Easily maintained in a shallow pall of rich soil with leaf litter that is kept moist. A group of plants makes an attractive addition to a collection of orchids or pot plants. The pall should be kept in a well-shaded position where the night temperature does not fall below 15 C. The day time temperatures can be much higher, but shade and high humidity must also be maintained.

Platylepis densiflora Rolfe, N. Madagascar, E. Réunion.
Platylepis flaccida (Schltr.) M.C.Pace, NE. & CE. Madagascar.
Platylepis glandulosa (Lindl.) Rchb.f. Trop. & S. Africa.
Platylepis goudotii (Ormerod & Cavestro) M.C.Pace, Madagascar.
Platylepis margaritifera Schltr. NE. Madagascar.
Platylepis occulta (Thouars) Rchb.f. W. Indian Ocean.
Platylepis rufa (Frapp.) Schltr. Réunion.
Platylepis viscosa (Rchb.f.) Schltr. Réunion.
Platylepis xerostele Ormerod Cameroon.

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