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Herbs terrestrial, rarely epiphytic. Rhizomes creeping, often elongated, with nodes bearing several thick roots. Stem erect, short or long, with alternate or clustered leaves. Leaves slightly fleshy, petiolate, adaxially often with colored veins or markings. Inflorescence terminal, few to many flowered, racemose, rarely densely spikelike, secund or cylindric. Flowers resupinate, often relatively small. Sepals free, subsimilar, abaxially often hairy; dorsal sepal erect, concave, connivent with narrow petals forming a hood over column and lip; lateral sepals erect or spreading. Petals thinner than sepals, membranous; labellum +/- connected with the column at base, not lobed or indistinctly 3-lobed, concave-saccate at base, apical portion a limb; sac often hairy inside; column short, without appendages. Anther erect or decumbent, on abaxial side of column; pollinia 2, each longitudinally 2-parted, granular-farinaceous, sectile, without caudicle, attached to a viscidium; rostellum erect, long or short, 2-lobed; stigma 1, below rostellum. Capsule erect, ovoid to ellipsoid.
Europe, Madeira, Mozambique, W. Indian Ocean to Pacific, N. & C. America, Caribbean

Goodyera afzelii Schltr. Mozambique (Chimanimani Mts.), N. & NE. Madagascar.
Goodyera bracteata Thouars Mascarenes.
Goodyera humicola (Schltr.) Schltr. NE. Madagascar.
Goodyera macrophylla Lowe  N. & C. Madeira.
Goodyera perrieri (Schltr.) Schltr. SE. Madagascar.
Goodyera sechellarum (S.Moore) Ormerod  Seychelles.

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