Key to the species of the genus Afropectinariella, M.Simo & Stévart

1 Leaf subulate-terete, more than 5 cm long, 1–2.5 mm wide; stem and leaves without black spots;
inflorescence 1-flowered, sometimes 2-flowered
A. subulatum
2 Leaf not subulate-terete, up to 4.8 cm long, 1.3–7.5 mm wide; black spots present on stem and leaves;
inflorescence always 1-flowered
2a Flower 19–27 mm long, petal 10.3–12 mm long, lip 7.2–8.2 mm long, spur with a wide mouth at the base of the lip,
recurved and inflated towards the tip, 12–15 mm long, pedicel and ovary 9–11.5 mm long; species endemic to Sao Tome and Principe
A. doratophyllum
3 Flower 7–16 mm long, petal 2.7–9 mm long, lip 2.3–5.2 mm long, spur straight, 1.9–7 mm long; pedicel and
ovary 3.5–8.3 mm long; continental Africa (Nigeria, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Democratic Republic of the Congo)
3a Leaf 4.5–7.5 mm wide, acute; spur 4–7.2 mm long A. pungens
4 Leaf 1.3–4.3 mm wide, apiculate; spur 1.6–3.8 mm long A. atlanticum
4a Leaf apex pointed or sometimes apiculate; dorsal sepal 1.5–3 mm wide, spur narrow below the lip then
expanded to form a small globe in the apical half; lowland forest
A. gabonense

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