Ambrella H.Perrier, Bull. Soc. Bot. France 81: 655 (1934).

This curious genus appears to be known only from the original collection near the Maky River at the base of Mount Ambre in northern Madagascar. The Name is apparently derived from this[ location. The specimen was one of Henri Perrier's t own collections, and he described this monotypic genus in 1934. It is a small epiphyte with a habit somewhat similar to that of some species of Aerangis. It has a short stem and wide, flat leaves that are oddly thickened at the apex. The flowers are green and large for the size of the plant. The elongated tip is 3-lobed near the apex. It has inrolled margins and the inner surface is softly hairy. The short, thick column is entirely concealed within the base of the tip.



Ambrella longituba H.Perrier  N. Madagascar.


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