Acampe Lindley Fol. Orch. Acampe. 1. 1853.
Sarcanthus Lindl., Bot. Reg. 10: t. 817 (1824).
Plants epiphytic or lithophytic, monopodial. Stem simple or branched, stout, leafy. Leaves distichous, conduplicate, coriaceous, apex emarginate or 2-lobed. Inflorescence axillary, stout, racemose, corymbose, or paniculate; floral bracts inconspicuous, scale-like, persistent. Flowers non-resupinate, small, fleshy,fragile. Sepals and petals similar, flat to curved; lateral sepals adnate to the spur (when present). Lip saccate or with a short spur, adnate to the column, immobile, rigid, variously lobed, fleshy, papillose,tuberculate or warty, sometimes dentate; spur lacking any internal tongue or median septum. Column short, fleshy, glabrous or papillose; stelidia 2, tooth-like; foot absent; anther ovate, apiculate; pollinia 4, globose, united in 2 pairs; caudicle thick, linear; viscidium small, oval; stigma transverse, concave; rostellum short, emarginate.
The genus Acampe was proposed in 1853 by John Lindley in his Folia Orchidacea. Although Garay (1972) pointed out that Lindley's earlier name Sarcanthus (Lindl. 1824, non 1826, typified by Epidendrum praemorsum Roxb.) had priority, the name Acampe has now been conserved. The complex and confusing history of this genus has been reviewed by Seidenfaden (1977C).
Type: non desianatus.
From the Greek acamptos (stiff) in reference to the brittle flowers.
The genus comprises about 10 (possibly fewer) species distributed in SE Asia, tropical and subtropical Africa, Madagascar and the islands of the western Indian Ocean.
Easily maintained in cultivation provided the plants are kept in a warm and humid environment and in bright light. They can be grown in a pot or basket with open, free-draining compost, or mounted on a piece of hardwood or cork oak bark.

Acampe pachyglossa Rchb.f. S. Somalia to S. Africa, W. Indian Ocean.

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