Subtribe Aeridinae Pfitz. Entw. Nat. Anord.orch.:108.1887


The orchid subtribe Aeridinae is a large, diversed group with many taxonomic and phylogenetic problems among the members. The subtribe comprises 103 genera with approximately 1350 species, distributed throughout warm- temperate Asia to tropical Asia and Australia, and the Pacific islands in the east. Two genera, Taeniophyllum and Acampe, extend the distribution as far west as tropical Africa. Vegetative parts of the subtribe are characterized by monopodial growth and highly developed velamentous layers of roots adapted to epiphytic life form. The pollinarium parts are characterized by two or four hard pollinia with a definite stipe and a viscidium. Several genera are further characterized by a column foot and a spurred lip.

They are distinguished from the other subtribes by having an entire rostellum, a relatively small spur formed by the lip, and four (or two) pollinia.