Key to the genus Kylicanthe Descourv., Stévart & Droissart

1 Flowers non-resupinate; spur horn-shaped; petal margins clearly erose to fringed; lip ecallose Kylicanthe cornuata
1b Flowers resupinate; spur not horn-shaped; petal margins entire; lip callus present 2
2 Spur erect Kylicanthe arcuata
2b Spur pendent 3
3 Spur geniculate Kylicanthe bueae
3b Spur incurved to sigmoid 4
4 Spur sigmoid, longer than 14 mm Kylicanthe liae
4b Spur not sigmoid, shorter than 14 mm 5
5 Spur broadest at the mouth, somewhat laterally flattened, lip apex emarginate; stipes with erose margins Kylicanthe perezverae
5b Spur narrowest at the mouth, more or less dorsoventrally-flattened, lip apex entire; stipes with fringed margins 6
6 Lip ovate with a small obtuse callus; 2 stipes connate along their apical third Kylicanthe quintasii
6b Lip broadly ovate with a prominent raised callus; 2 free stipes Kylicanthe rohrii

World Checklist of Monocotyledons. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the Internet; accessed 31.03.2020