Cribbia Senghas in Schlechter, Die Orchideen, ed. 3: 1118 (1986).
Homotypic Synonyms:
Azadehdelia Braem in Schlechteriana 1, 2: 34 (1988) nom. superfl.
Small epiphytic or lithophytic monopodial herbs with slender roots.Leaves distichous, twisted at the base to lie in one plane, articulated at the base to persistent, imbricate leaf sheaths.Inflorescences racemose, laxly few- to many-flowered.Flowers small to medium-sized, translucent, white, greenish or straw-orange in colour.Sepals and petals free, lip entire, ecallose, spurred at the base.Column terete; rostellum short, 3-lobed, the mid-lobe slightly longer than the side lobes, pendent; pollinia 2, subglobose; stipites 2, linear; viscidia 2, very small.
The genus Cribbia was created by the German botanist Karl-Heinz Senghas in 1986 to accommodate the plant previously known as Rangaeris brachyceras. It was named in honor of the Kew orchidologist Phillip Cribb. For 10 years this was thought to be a monotypic genus, but three more members have been described.
Key to the species of Cribbia.
Trop. Africa
This species is easily maintained as a mounted plant or in a pot and because it is very floriferous it is a welcome addition to a collection of African orchids. It is a plant from the African highlands, so requires cool nights with higher temperatures by day and high humidity during the growing season. If it is grown in a pot, the compost should drain freely but be moisture-retentive.
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