Cardiochilos P.J. Cribb in Kew Bull. 32:183 (1977).
Small, monopodial, epiphytic herbs. Stems short, rooting at the base. Leaves several, distichous, linear. Inflorescences arising at the base of the plant and in axils of lower leaves. Flowers non resupinate, green to straw-coloured, scabrid on the outside. Sepals and petals subsimilar; lip obscurely 3-lobed, concave, ecallose, spurred at the base. Column short; rostellum narrow, bifid, truncate. Pollinia 2, globose; stipes 1, linear; viscidium 1, reniform.
Tanzania to Malawi
Not in cultivation

Cardiochilos williamsonii P.J.Cribb SW. Tanzania to N. Malawi.

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