Tribe Vandeae Lindl. Coll. Bot. App. 1826.


Plants exclusively monopodial, with velamen of Vanda type. Leaves duplicate, coriaceous or not, often terete or iridiform, sometimes reduced or lacking.

Inflorescence lateral. Flowers highly differentiated as regards the organization of the perianth parts and gynostemium. Lip motile or fixed, often with spur, thread-like and long or saccate, short. Seeds relatively uniform, the Thrixspermum variant of the Vanda type.

Rostellum variously shaped. Tegula and viscidium always present, both single or both double. Pollinia 4, more or less club-shaped, similar in size and shape, or ellipsoid and unequal, or 2, cleft, porate or solid.

Over 1,700 species in more than 130 genera; occurs in tropical Asia, Pacific Islands, Australia, and Africa.