Tribe Polystachyeae Pfitz. Entw. Nat. Anord. Orchid.: 100. 1887.


Pseudobulbs of some internodes or absent, sometimes reed-like stem. Leaves plicate or duplicate. Inflorescence terminal or upper lateral.

Flowers non resupinate or resupinate. Lip spurred or saccate, hinged. Column foot usually prominent. Column erect, rather slender, or sometimes massive. Anther operculate, incumbent, or occasion-ally suberect. Pollinia 2, cleft or not, or 4 in two unequal pairs, ellipsoid, superposed. Caudicles 2, sticky. Tegula usually present, thin, membraneous. Viscidium single, of various size.


This tribe includes four subtribes. Three of them - Collabiinae Schltr., Claderiinae Szlach. and Bromhaediinae Dressl. - are known from Australasia, the last one, Polystachyinae is represented in tropics of New and Old World.