Eulophiella Rolfe, Lindenia 7: 77 (1891).
Plants epiphyte; pseudobulbs very tall, leaves 3-6, membranous, plicate-veined, persistent on the old bulbs, articulate to the sheaths. Inflorescence basal, developing from the base of the mature bulb; simple; bracts numerous, not cauducous; flowers large (2-9 cm in diameter). Lateral sepals adnate to the column not labellum sub orbicular, 3-lobed, spur inserted at the base of the resupinate column, labellum provided, with several crest on the lower portion, foot narrow, stigma occupying the entire upper portion. Rostellum 3-lobed, median lobe smaller, Anther provided with a heavy appendage behind, pollina sessile with a single common retinacle round, notched in the shape of a crescent and wider above the apex.

Eulophiella capuroniana Bosser & Morat  Madagascar.
Eulophiella elisabethae Linden & Rolfe N. & NE. Madagascar.
Eulophiella ericophila Bosser N. Madagascar.
Eulophiella galbana (Ridl.) Bosser & Morat. SE. Madagascar.
Eulophiella longibracteata Hermans & P.J.Cribb Madagascar
Eulophiella roempleriana (Rchb.f.) Schltr.                       NE. Madagascar.

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