Eulophia elisabethae (Linden & Rolfe) M.W.Chase & Schuit., Phytotaxa 491: 52 (2021).
Homotypic Names:

Eulophiella elisabethae Linden & Rolfe, Lindenia 3: t. 325 (1891).
Heterotypic Synonyms:
Eulophiella perrieri Schltr., Orchis 14: 27 (1920).
Pseudobulbs fusiform-oblong (10-15 x 2.5 cm), with 4-5 leaves, narrowly lanceolate-acuminate 45-60 x 3.5-5 m), attenuate basally and petiolate. Inflorescence 35-45 m long, the peduncle, the bract, the pedicel and ovary wine red; the peduncle twice an long an the raceme; raceme 12-15 flowered; bracts obovate-oblong obtuse-concave and 1-1,8 m long; flowers whitish with the sepals tinted with ruse behind and with a large macula at the base of the labellum. Sepals elliptical (20 x 11mm), very obtuse Petals elliptical-obovate (17 x 13 mm) slightly shorter and wider than the sepals. Labellum slightly longer than wide (14 x 13 mm), trilobed, the lateral lobes rounded, the median widely obovate, and slightly hispid-setiferous basally, with a semi-circular callus basally, slightly crenulate apically and elongated by 2 slightly diverging keels in front and tipped with teeth. Column 7-10 mm. tall; foot 2 mm long. Pedicel 2.5- 3 cm long.
Epiphyte from eastern forests, at elevations of 700 to 900 meters.
NE. Madagascar
Flora of Madagascar: vascular plants: 49th family, Orchids / by H. Perrier de La Bathie; published under the auspices of the government of Madagascar and under the direction of H. Humbert; English revision and translation by Steven D. Beckman; An Introduction to the Angraecoid Orchids of Madagascar Hillerman & Holst 1986; Orchids of Madagascar Hermans, Du Puy, Cribb & Bosser 2007; Field Guide to the Orchids of Madagascar Cribb & Hermans 2009; Expansion of the orchid genus Eulophia (Eulophiinae; Epidendroideae) to include Acrolophia, Cymbidiella, Eulophiella, Geodorum, Oeceoclades and Paralophia by Mark W. Chase, André Schuiteman & Pankaj Kumar. Phytotaxa 491 (1): Phytotaxa 491 (1). POWO (2022). "Plants of the World Online. Facilitated by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the Internet; Retrieved 23 November 2022."
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Photograph© Lourens
Grobler. Image used
with kind permission.
Photograph© Lourens
Grobler. Image used
with kind permission.