Key to the genus Eulophia in Ivory Coast

 1 Spur 15-33 mm long, filiform  Eulophia guineensis
 1a Spur saccate to conical 2
 2 Lip more than 11(15) mm long  3
 2a Lip less than 10(14) mm long  16
 3 Basal part of the lip elongate into the conical or club-shaped, but prominent spur  4
3a Basal part of the lip saccate or saccate-conical, does not produce any prominent spur  10
 4 Lip sidelobes almost entirely fused with the column foot  Eulophia orthoplectra
 4a Lip sidelobes fused with obscure column foot only basally 5
 5 Lip with lamellate-cristate ridges in the central part  6
5a Lip with verrucose, crenulate or glabrous ridges in the center and/or in the apex, short lamellae, if present, only near the base  8
 6 Lamellae ribon-like, equal in width along their length  Eulophia horsfallii
 6a Basal and apical lamellae distinctly narrower than much larger central ones  7
 7 Lateral sepals 9-10.6 mm long, 3.5-6 mm wide. Lip 14-16 mm long, 19-21 mm wide  Eulophia schweinfurthii
7a Lateral sepals 13-17 mm long, 3-4.5 mm wide. Lip 16-25 mm long and wide  Eulophia barteri
 8 Lip with basal wing-like lamellae, with verrucose or crenulate ridges above  Eulophia cristata
 8a Lip with slightly thickened nerves at base and/or in the centre of epichile  9
 9 Spur cylindrical to clavate, straight. Sepals and petals subsimilar  Eulophia euglossa
 9a Spur saccate to saccate-conical. Sepals and petals dissimilar  Eulophia juncifolia
10 Hypochile transversely elliptic, distinctly wider than long  11
 10a Hypochile orbicular, obovate or elliptic in general outline, as long as wide or longer  12
 11 Epichile distinctly clawed. Petals elliptic-obovate, widest at apex  Eulophia buettneri
 11a Epichile sessile to subsessile. Petals oblong-elliptic to obliquely broadly elliptic-ovate, widest near the middle  Eulophia cucullata
 12 Hypochile widest at apex 13
 12a Hypochile widest near the middle  14
 13 Epichile as wide as hypochile, elliptic in outline  Eulophia flavopurpurea
 13a Epichile narrower than hypochile, attenuate towards the apex  Eulophia adenoglossa
 14 Epichile transversely elliptic, distinctly wider than long  Eulophia alta
 14a Epichile oblong to obovate, longer than wide  15
 15 Epichile with 5 densely papillate ridges  Eulophia caricifolia
 15a Epichile with 3 tall, crenulate ridges  Eulophia angolensis
 16 Lip transversely elliptic in general outline, truncate at apex  Eulophia gracilis
 16a Lip not as above  17
 17 Basal part of the lip much wider than the apical one  Eulophia leonensis
 17a Basal part of the lip only slightly wider thanh the apical one  18
 18 Spur conical, acute. Sepals and petals ca. twice as long as wide  Eulophia odontoglossa
 18a Spur usually clavate, blunt. Sepals and petals 3-5 times longer than wide  19
 19 Leaves vestigial, up to 10 cm long  Eulophia monile
 19a Inflorescence produced before leaves. Leaves 10-30 cm long  20
 20 Lip with 2 longitudinal thickenings running to the mid-way of hypochile, above few clavate thickenings on hypochile. Spur conical-cylindrical  Eulophia. milnei
 20a Lip with 3 longitudinal thickenings running to the base of epichile, no other thickenings on hypochile. Spur with ampullaceous apex  Eulophia brevipetala

                                                       Species without a key                                                                   

Eulophia pyrophila (Rchb.f.) Summerh.  Trop. Africa 
Eulophia sordida Kraenzl. W. Trop. Africa to Congo

World Checklist of Monocotyledons. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the Internet; accessed 27/07/2019