Grammangis Rchb.f., Hamburger Garten- Blumenzeitung 16: 520 (1860).
Plants epiphytic, resembling large bulbophyllum, pseudobulbs without sheaths or leaves except for apically where are 3-5 leaves. Leaves flat, fleshy-coriaceous, articulate to the sheath, persistent on the old bulbs. Inflorescence arising from the base of the developing bulb, racemiform, not branching; flowers large, opening well. Median sepal free; lateral sepals and petals attach basally to the column foot, forming a distinct minimum. Labellum 3-lobed, spur inserted at the base of the column foot, base of the Labellum provided with several cress or small calluses. Column narrow, with the narrow foot hollowed and a deep pit (nectary) which replaces the spur. Anther with 3 posterior appendages, the laterals diverging the median smaller, pollina sessile, with a wide flat common viscidium, thin and suborbicular.
Type species:
Grammangis ellisii (Lindl.) Rchb.f.
Key to the species of Grammangis Rchb.f.,
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