Porpax repens var. obtusa (G.Will.) Schuit., Y.P.Ng & H.A.Pedersen, Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 186: 200 (2018).
Homotypic Names:

Stolzia repens var. obtusa G.Will., J. S. African Bot. 46: 333 (1980).
Flowers red-brown with 2 yellow stripes at the base of dorsal sepal and petals. Dorsal sepal 5 × 1.5 mm, oblong, obtuse, projecting forwards; lateral sepals 5 × 1.2 mm, deflexed, falcate-lanceolate, obtuse; mentum saccate, somewhat bent forwards. Petals spreading, 4 × 1 mm, oblong, obtuse. Lip c. 2 mm long.
Montane and submontane evergreen forest, epiphytic on mossy branches c. 2000 m.
This variety differs from Stolzia repens var. repens in the more rounded shape of the petals and sepals, and dark red-brown flowers with lighter stripes on the petals and sepals. It often has slightly larger and less succulent leaves, possibly due to its moister and more sheltered habitat in montane evergreen forest.
Rwanda to E. Zimbabwe
La Croix, I. & Cribb, P.J. (1995). Orchidaceae (Part 1) Flora Zambesiaca 11(1) Pages 290 - 291.
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Habitat/In situ Flower close up
Stolzia repens  var. obtusa 03 Stolzia repens  var. obtusa 04
Wursten. Image used
with kind permission.
Wursten. Image used
with kind permission.