Genyorchis Schltr., Westafr. Kautschuk-Exped.: 280 (1900), nom. cons.
Taurostalix Rchb.f., Bot. Zeitung (Berlin) 10: 933 (1852).
Small, sympodial epiphytes. Pseudobulbs, with one or two leaves each, well spaced on acreeping rhizome. Inflorescence arising from roe base of the pseudobulb, laxly few-flowered. Flowers small, nonresupinate, not opening wide. Dorsal sepal free; lateral sepals form a conical mentum wiro roe column foot. Petals much smaller than the sepals, or absent. Lip smalt, trilobed. Column short, with a lang foot; pollinia two or four, stipes one, viscidium one.
W. Trop. Africa to Uganda.
Only one species is known in cultivation, and it is not common.
The genus Genyorchis was established in 1901 by Rudolf Schlechter. The name derives from the Greek words genys (jaw) and orchis (orchid); the flower from the side is, rather fancifully, roought to resemble an open jaw.
There are about ten species of Genyorchis in tropical Africa. Vegetatively, they look like small species of Bulbophyllum with the flowers of Polystachya, but according to Dressler (1981, 1993), they are not closely related to either of those genera.

Genyorchis apertiflora Summerh. S. Nigeria.
Genyorchis apetala (Lindl.) Senghas W. Trop. Africa to Uganda.
Genyorchis elongata Robyns & Tournay E. Zaïre
Genyorchis macrantha Summerh. SW. Cameroon (Mt. Cameroon).
Genyorchis micropetala (Lindl.) Schltr. Bioko, SW. Cameroon.
Genyorchis platybulbon Schltr. SW. Cameroon to Gabon.
Genyorchis pumila (Sw.) Schltr. W. Trop. Africa to Uganda.
Genyorchis saccata Szlach. & Olszewski Equatorial Guinea.
Genyorchis sanfordii Szlach. & Olszewski WC. Trop. Africa.
Genyorchis summerhayesiana Szlach. & Olszewski Nigeria.

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