Tribe Podochileae Pfitz. Entw. Nat. Anord. Orch.: 101. 1887.


Velamen of Calanthe type. Pseudobulbs of some internodes, sometimes slender, reed-like stem.

Leaves duplicate. Inflorescence terminal or lateral. Flowers usually small. Lip hinged or fixed, saccate to spurred at the base.

Seeds of Elleanthus type. Column short and massive, usually er.ect. Clinandrium collar-like, large and spacious to narrow. Rostellum triangular, erect to truncate, bent towards the stigma. Viscidium single, absent in some cases. Tegula occasionally present. Anther of various shapes, erect to incumbent.

Pollinia 4 or 8, clavate to obovate, sometimes almost superposed. Caudicles formed usually of the apical parts of the pollinia, thread-like, sometimes lamellate.

Bibliography and References:

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