Auxopus Schltr., Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 38: 3 (1905).
Leafless, achlorophyllous saprophytic orchids. Rhizome narrowly cylindrical, tuberoid, usually horizontal, subterranean. Stem erect. Inflorescence terminal. Sepals and petals joined together into tube. Lip with long, narrow claw about half of its length, simple, ecallose, indistinctly lobed. Gynostemium erect, slender, slightly swollen at the apex. Column foot reduced, completely adnate to the ovary. Staminodes inconspicuous. Stigma deeply concave, close to rostellum. Rostellum truncate. Viscidium small. Anther incumbent with wide connective. Pollinia sectile. No caudicles
W. Trop. Africa to Uganda, Madagascar
Not in cultivation

Auxopus kamerunensis Schltr. W. & WC. Trop. Africa.
Auxopus letouzeyi Szlach.  Cameroon.
Auxopus macranthus Summerh.  W. Trop. Africa to Uganda.
Auxopus madagascariensis Schltr. NW. Madagascar.

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