Tribe Epidendreae Humb.,Bonpl. & Kunth. Nov. Gen. Spec. PI. 1: 269. 1815.


Velamen of Epidendrum or Pleurothallis types. Pseudobulbs of various forms, usually multinodal. Tilosomes lamellate or lamellate-tufted. Inflorescence terminal or, rarely, lateral. Lip hinged, fixed, or spurred, occasionally saccate.

Seeds of Epidendrum or Pleurothallis, exceptionally of Elleanthus types. Rostellum ligulate to shelf-like, sometimes modified, erect to bent forward. Viscidium, if present, composed of partially macerated cells. Anther incumbent, but secondarily erect in some groups. Predominant number of pollinia four or eight, but two and six are atso found. Pollinia clavate to ellipsoid and laterally flattened, fused with the sticky caudicles.

Cosmopolitan; largest tribe of this subfamily, with over 8,000 species.

Bibliography and References:

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