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2400 fc. Light should be diffused or barely dappled. Direct sunlight should be avoided.
Summer days average 74-76F (24-25C), and nights average 58-62F (15-17C). These average temperatures indicate a probable intolerance to hot summers. The diurnal range of 14-16F (8-9C) fluctuates only 3F (2C) throughout the year and is slightly lower in summer when rainfall is highest.
Ample moisture is needed in the active growing season. The medium should be moist year-round. The rainfall pattern is wet/wetter.
1/2 strength, applied weekly when plants are actively growing.
Rest period:
Winter days average 66-70F (18-21C), and nights average 50-55F (10-13C), with the diurnal range of 14-17F (8-9C). Plants require less frequent watering during the cooler winter, but the habitat is always moist and humidity hight. Fertilizer should be reduced unless active growth is evident.
Growing media:
A fertile terrestrial mix with good drainage. Repotting is best done as plants break dormancy or immediately after flowering.
This information is quoted from a Charles and Margaret Baker culture sheet, with permission from Troy Meyers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The entire culture sheet can be obtained by subscription from Orchid Species Culture,