Tribe Arethuseae Lindl. Coll.Bot.App. 1826


Velamen of Calanthe or undefined type. Stem-reed-like or leaves at midstem. Leaves plicate to convolute:

Inflorescence terminal. Lip canaliculate at the base, papillate or with callus. Seeds of Limodorum or Bletia types.

Column foot absent. Column usually erect, slender to massive. Clinandrium spacious, hiding at least the sides and back of the anther, or petaloid, sometimes with wing-like apical projections. Rostellum erect to bent towards the stigma membranous, large, not producing any viscidium. Anther bent forward, set on a distinct, frequently ribbon-like filament, movable.

Pollinia 4, soft and mealy, as free microspores, or massulate, sometimes S-curved.

Over 500 species.