Liparis stolzii Schltr., Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 53: 562 (1915).
Small epiphytic herb, up to 20 cm. high, swollen at the base to form a small subglobose bifoliate pseudobulb. Pseudobulb up to 7 mm. high and 6 mm. in diameter. Leaves submembranous, bright green, erect, ovate to oblong-ligulate, 5—6(—8) cm. long, 6-10 mm. wide, acute at the apex, narrowed to a sheathing base, but not articulated, margins entire. Scape laxly 2-8-flowered, bright green, suberect, up to 20 cm. high, 1 mm. in diameter, often with a large sterile bract 2 cm. long and 5 mm. wide ± 3 cm. below the lowest flower; fertile bracts 4 mm. long, 2 mm. wide at the base, abruptly narrowed to an acuminate apex. Pedicellate ovaries ± 7 mm. long. Flowers green. Dorsal sepal oblong, acute at the apex and biauriculate at the base, 5-6 mm. long, 1.5 mm. wide; lateral sepals united at the very base, subfalcate, rounded to acute at the apex, 3.7 mm. long, 1.7 mm. wide. Petals linear, apparently downwardly directed, 5.6-6.2 mm. long, 0.7 mm. wide, rounded at the apex, united to the lateral sepals at the base, margins revolute. Lip orbicular with a small ± bilobed callus at the base, margins very slightly crisped. Column 3.3 mm. long, slender, geniculate. Capsule fusiform.
Forest epiphyte or among tufts of grass in swamps; 1200-1800 m.
Flora of Tropical East Africa Orchidaceae (Part 2)
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