Liparis hemipilioides Schltr., Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 26: 341 (1899).
Terrestrial herb 15–20 cm tall; tubers 1.5–2 cm long, ovoid. Leaf 1, basal, ovate, cordate, glabrous, dark-green. Scape slender, 3–5-flowered, with many small lanceolate sheaths. Sepals and petals olive-green, lip violet. Dorsal sepal 7 mm long, linear, obtuse, margins revolute; lateral sepals 6 × 5 mm, broadly oblong, connate. Petals 7 mm long, erect to spreading. Lip almost panduriform, narrowing above a broad auriculate base with thickened margins, then expanding into a ±quadrangular-oblong very obtuse lobe, ± emarginate at the apex; lobe 5 × 3 mm, with a small, medial, low, 2-lobed rugulose callus. Column slender, 4 mm long, somewhat incurved towards the apex.
No data.
This species appears to be very close to Liparis mulindana Schltr. If these taxa prove to be synonymous then Liparis hemipilioides Schltr. is the earlier name.
La Croix, I. & Cribb, P.J. (1995). Orchidaceae (Part 1) Flora Zambesiaca 11(1) Page 282.