Aeranthes africana J.L. Stewart in Amer. Orchid Soc. Bull. 47, 8: 720 (1978).
Dwarf epiphytic herb; stem short, woody 2–4 cm long, covered with old leaf bases and remains of inflorescences. Leaves distichous, 4–7 cm × 4–8 mm, linear-ligulate, unequally and obtusely 2-lobed at the apex, articulated above the sheathing base, leathery. Inflorescence (floral axis) erect or patent, of similar length to the leaves, single-flowered. Peduncle slender, with 5–9 brownish sheaths 3–4 mm long. Bract 3–4 mm long, shorter than ovary and pedicel. Flowers whitish. Dorsal sepal 7×3–4 mm, ovate, shortly acuminate; lateral sepals similar but slightly longer and somewhat oblique. Petals 4–5 × 2 mm, ovate, acuminate. Lip 4 × 3 mm, ± rhomboid with a very small apiculum; spur 3 mm long, straight, tapering. Column 1 mm high; column foot 2 mm long.
Montane forest, on Podocarpus
As given for the genus.
Zimbabwe, Endemic to Vumba Mts
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