Aeranthes leandriana Bosser in Adansonia, series 2, 11:83 (1971).
Stemless epiphytic plant with five or six thick, stiff leaves 10-20 cm x 5-8 mm, with acutely bilobed tip; inflorescence short, pendent, one-flowered; peduncle slender, 2.5-10 cm long, base covered by three almost black, overlapping sheaths; flowers pale green, transparent, with conspicuous veining; sepals and petals directed forward; lip set against the column; dorsal sepal with five main veins; lateral sepals asymmetrical, also five veined; lip with numerous veins, pubescent at the base; column green, as is the ovary.
Growing at 1,400—1,500 meters in altitude.
As given for the genus.
Similar in appearance to Aeranthes albidiflora Toihhiez-Genoud, Ursch and Bosser, but easily distinguished by its short inflorescence and the shape of the flower. Flowers of Aeranthes albidiflora have a different shape, the sepals and petals being swept back and the column being longer.
Central Madagascar
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