Aeranthes multinodis Bosser in Adansonia, series 2, 11:81 (1971).
Stemless, upright, epiphytic plant; leaves 12—20 x 2.5-4 cm, unequally obtusely bilobed; one to five inflorescences, each bearing one to three flowers; peduncle slender and many-noded; flower bract almost black, 0.8-1.2 cm long; flowers fleshy; dorsal sepal 2.8-3.3 cm x 8-8.5 mm, seven- to nine-veined; lateral sepals with unequal sides, 3-3.5 x 1-1.2 cm, nine-veined; petals 2.5-2.9 x 0.8-0.9 cm, seven- to nine-veined; hp multi-veined, 1.5- 1.6 x 1-1.2 cm; spur 7-8 mm long; column fleshy, 2 mm long; pedicellate ovary 6-7 mm long, covered with small, sessile, almost black glands.
Growing in rain forest at 1,300—1,400 meters in altitude.
As given for the genus.
Species is distinguished by its multimodal floral peduncles, with sheaths longer than the internodes. This it is close to Aeranthes longipes Schltr.
Eastern Madagascar
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