Aeranthes neoperrieri Toill.-Gen., Ursch & Bosser, Notul. Syst. (Paris) 16: 212 (1960).
Plant with a short stem. Leaves 9 or 10, oblong-linear, unequally or nearly equally and obtusely. bilobed at the apex,9-10 cm long, 2,5 cm wide. Inflorescence slender, pendent, with 3 or 4 branches, 50-70 cm long; peduncle thread-like, dark green, branches 40 cm long, sheaths brown and much shorter than the internodes. Flowers green with darker green spur; dorsal sepal ovate, subacuminate, 15 mm long, 10 mm wide; lateral sepals simiIar with front margin expanded at the base to 17 mm wide and abruptly acuminate; petals subrectangular at base, obtusely acuminate, 12-13 mm long, 8 mm wide; lip subrectangular, base cordate, with 2 rounded lobes, apex triangular, acute, ending in a short incurved point, bearing 2 lateral diverging ridges on the upper surface and 1 shorter median crest, margins slightly undulating, 15 mm long, 14-15 mm wide; column foot boat-shaped, 1 cm long; spur cylindrical, wide at the mouth, then narrowing and broadened towards the tip, straight, 10 mm long.
This epiphytic orchid is found in the eastern part of the island in the area near Toamasina. It grows in mossy, evergreen rainforest at about 4900 ft. (1500 m) flowering in October.
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This species is easily recognised by its attractive green flowers with wide and only shortly acuminate sepals and petals. It is another species named for Henri Perrier de Ia Båthie.
ENE. Madagascar
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