Aeranthes polyanthemus Ridl., J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 22: 121 (1886).
Plants with a short stem (generally 5cm.). Leaves narrowly lingulate (17.5 x .2 cm.) and striate. Inflorescence thin and pendent, 12-13 cm long 7-9 flowered, loosely arranged; bracts lanceolate equal to nearly half the length of the pedicel; flowers of average size, yellowish-green and very thin. Sepals lanceolate-acuminate. the laterals forming an arupt angle near the base on the front margin almost lobed above the base. Petals as long and very similar to the median sepal 18 mm. long. Labellum lanceolate-sub acuminate many veined and contracted-narrow basally. Foot with its margins enlarged in short obtuse lobes: spur short. obtuse and incurved. Column rostellum and pedicel short.
At elevations around 1180 to 1400 meters on wet rocks in mossy forests
As given for the genus.
C. & SE. Madagascar. Endemic
WCSP (2017). 'World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. 21.01-2017;
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