Aeranthes robusta Senghas, Orchidee (Hamburg) 38: 5 (1987).
Plant pendent with a short stem 2 cm long, and fine wiry roots. Leaves in 2 rows, spaced close together, flat, fleshy, symmetrically bilobed at the apex, 27 cm long, 4 cm wide. Inflorescences axilary, flexuose, pendent, bearing up to 10 flowers in succession; peduncle up to 50 cm long with few widely separated sheaths. Flowers not opening fully, 4.5 cm high, 3.5 cm wide, yellow green, sepals deeper green, robust and fleshy; dorsal sepal ovate, acuminate, recurved in the upper half 27 mm long, 16 mm wide near the base; lateral sepals strongly recurved from the middle, asymmetrical, obliquely ovate, acuminate, 35 mm long, 21 mm wide; petals obliquely ovate, apiculus 12 mm long, recurved at the apex, in total 30 mm long, 16 mm wide; lip rhomboid, curved, attached to the column foot by a narrow claw, shortly apiculate, in total 30 mm long, 20 mm wide; spur linear, curved, slightly thickened at the apex, 15 mm long.
Epiphyte in montane forest; 1300-1600 m; flowering in July and September.
As given for the genus.
This species seems to be somewhat similar to Aeranthes carnosa, except for its pendent habit.
EC. Madagascar
WCSP (2017). 'World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. 21.01-2017;
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