Nervilia leguminosarum Jum. & H.Perrier, Ann. Fac. Sci. Marseille 21: 195 (1912).
Erect, terrestrial herb, 5.5-10 cm tall, glabrous except for lip, leaf and subterranean parts. Tuber spherical. Leaf solitary, prostrate, pubescent on upper surface; blade orbicular, deeply cordate at base, 20-22 by 18-20 cm; veins 5; petiole short, subterranean, sulcate with 3 sheathing cataphylls. Scape erect, terete, 1-flowered, with 2 sheathing cataphylls, lengthening to 14.5-15 cm when fruiting. Flower pure white. Bract straight, 1—12 mm long; sepals and petals oblanceolate, acute, 25-40 by 4-6 mm; lip of same length, 3-lobed, covered above by short, inflated, clavate hairs; sidelobes acutely triangular, 6-8 mm; midlobe obtuse, of same length or slightly shorter. Gynostemium clavate, (7.5-)12-14 mm; capsule 11 by 8.5 mm.
On the Leguminous plants (Tamarindus, Eryghrophleum, etc.) in woods; flowering in December-January.
NW. Madagascar

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Botanical Drawing / Herbarium
Photograph copyright Swiss Orchid Foundation at the Herbarium Jany Renz Image used with kind permission.