Satyrium subgen. Brachysaccium Schltr.: 185 (1901).

Type species: Satyrium retusum Lindl. (lecto.).

Slender plants with lanceolate, cauline leaves in the lower stern portion. Bracts most commonly spreading, rarely erect or reflexed, occasionally much longer than the flowers. Lip galeate with broad entrance, apical flap normally short or absent, spurs mostly saccate or missing, rarely elongate-fihiform; viscidia 2; stigma flap-like; rostellum 3-lobed, usually with spreading arms, rarely with short and parallel arms, viscidia apical.

Satyrium × guthriei Bolus SW. Cape Prov.
Satyrium bicallosum Thunb. SW. Cape Prov.
Satyrium bracteatum (L.f.) Thunb. S. Africa.
Satyrium microrrhynchum Schltr. Mpumalanga to E. Cape Prov
Satyrium muticum Lindl. S. Cape Prov
Satyrium pumilum Thunb. SW. Cape Prov
Satyrium pygmaeum Sond. SW. Cape Prov
Satyrium retusum Lindl. SW. & S. Cape Prov.
Satyrium striatum Thunb. SW. Cape Prov.
Satyrium trinerve Lindl. Trop. & S. Africa, Comoros, Madagascar.

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