Satyrium subgen. Bifidum Kurzweil & H.P. Linder in Beitr. Biol. Pfl.

Type species: Satyrium erectum Sw.

Slender to stout plants with cauline or basal leaves which are often adpressed to the ground. Bracts most commonly deflexed. Lip galeate with a broad entrance, apical flap short or elongate; spurs slender-filiform and mostly longer than the ovary; stigma flap-like; rostellum 3-lobed with short or long parallel arms, viscidia 2, usually terminal.

Satyrium candidum Lindl. SW. Cape Prov.
Satyrium cristatum Sond. Angola to S. Africa.
Satyrium cristatum var. cristatum S. Africa.
Satyrium cristatum var. longilabiatum A.V.Hall Angola to S. Africa.
Satyrium erectum Sw. W. & SW. Cape Prov.
Satyrium foliosum Sw. SW. Cape Prov.
Satyrium humile Lindl. SW. Cape Prov.
Satyrium longicolle Lindl. S. Cape Prov.
Satyrium macrophyllum Lindl. Kenya to S. Africa.
Satyrium pallens S.D.Johnson & Kurzweil Western Cape Prov.
Satyrium pulchrum S.D.Johnson & Kurzweil W. Cape Prov.
Satyrium sphaerocarpum Lindl. Mozambique to Cape Prov.

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