Tridactyle Group 3.
Inflorescences long, usually over 4 cm long and up to 20 cm long, bearing 6 or more flowers.

Tridactyle armeniaca (Lindl.) Schltr. W. Trop. Africa to Gabon, São Tomé.
Tridactyle aurantiopunctata P.J.Cribb & Stévart Príncipe.
Tridactyle bicaudata (Lindl.) Schltr. Trop. & S. Africa.
Tridactyle bicaudata subsp. bicaudata. Trop. & S. Africa.
Tridactyle bicaudata subsp. rupestris H.P.Linder S. Cape Prov. to KwaZulu-Natal.
Tridactyle brevicalcarata Summerh. Ghana to Gabon.
Tridactyle exellii P.J.Cribb & Stévart São Tomé, Gabon.
Tridactyle fimbriatipetala (De Wild.) Schltr. C. Zaïre.
Tridactyle gentilii (De Wild.) Schltr. Trop. & S. Africa.
Tridactyle latifolia Summerh. Príncipe, Gabon.
Tridactyle minutifolia Stévart & Haijere Gabon and Equatorial Guinea
Tridactyle nanne-ritzkae Eb.Fisch., Killmann, J.-P.Lebel & Delep. Rwanda
Tridactyle pentalobata P.J.Cribb & Stévart Gabon.
Tridactyle tridactylites (Rolfe) Schltr. Trop. Africa.
Tridactyle truncatiloba Summerh. Gabon.
Tridactyle unguiculata Mansf. SW. Tanzania.

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