Tridactyle Group 1.
Inflorescences very short, up to 1 cm long, bearing few flowers, lip entire or with short entire lateral lobes.

Tridactyle anthomaniaca (Rchb.f.) Summerh. Trop. Africa.
Tridactyle anthomaniaca subsp. anthomaniaca Trop. Africa.
Tridactyle anthomaniaca subsp. nana P.J.Cribb & Stévart Cameroon to Equatorial Guinea.
Tridactyle crassifolia Summerh. W. & WC. Trop. Africa.
Tridactyle eggelingii Summerh. E. Zaïre to SW. Uganda.
Tridactyle filifolia (Schltr.) Schltr. Trop. Africa.
Tridactyle flabellata P.J.Cribb Tanzania (Uzungwa Mts.).
Tridactyle inflata Summerh. N. Tanzania.
Tridactyle lagosensis (Rolfe) Schltr. S. Nigeria to Gabon.
Tridactyle laurentii (De Wild.) Schltr. WC. Trop. Africa.
Tridactyle laurentii var. kabareensis Geerinck E. Zaïre.
Tridactyle laurentii var. laurentii Cameroon to C. Zaïre.
Tridactyle minuta P.J.Cribb SW. Tanzania.
Tridactyle muriculata (Rendle) Schltr. S. Nigeria to Cameroon.
Tridactyle nalaensis (De Wild.) Schltr. C. Zaïre.
Tridactyle nigrescens Summerh. E. Zaïre to E. Trop. Africa.
Tridactyle oblongifolia Summerh. W. Trop. Africa to Uganda.
Tridactyle scottellii (Rendle) Schltr. Gabon to Kenya.
Tridactyle stevartiana Geerinck SW. Rwanda.
Tridactyle translucens Summerh. Zambia.
Tridactyle tridentata (Harv.) Schltr. Trop. & S. Africa
Tridactyle vanderlaaniana Geerinck C. Zaïre.
Tridactyle virgula (Kraenzl.) Schltr. E. Zaïre to Uganda.

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