Auxopus kamerunensis Schltr., Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 38: 4 (1905).
A small terrestrial, about 20 cm high. The leafless stem is very slender, 0.04-0.07 cm wide, and is provided with 2-3 minute scales. When budding, the many-flowered inflorescence forms a compact head. The tepals are united at the base, forming a tube. The bracts are very small, thin and dry. Dorsal sepal: Lancolate-subacute, 3 mm long, pale brown. Lateral sepals: United except for apex, forming a notched, ellipsoid disc, 4 mm long, white. Petals: Lanceolate-subacute, 3 mm long, pale brown. Lip: Tongue-like, 3 mm long, white. Capsules: 7-15 mm long.
In rainforests in dense shade.
W. & WC. Trop. Africa