Auxopus madagascariensis Schltr., Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 33: 121 (1924).

Plants herbaceous, clear brown, 13-15 cm tall, very thin; rhizome corm-shaped horizontal, oblong, susally 4 mm in diameter. Scape 10-12 cm bearing 2-4 oval scales above the center, about I.5mm long, raceme 5-7 flowered, slightly verrucose, 10-12 times shorter than the pedicel and ovary; pedicel 4-5 mm glabrous. Sepals (3.5-4 mm) oblong, obtuse, slightly thicker apically and slightly verrucose exteriorly, joined with the petals in their basal third. Petals slightly narrower and shorter (3 mm). Labellum (3 x- 2.5 mm) shortly unguiculate, sagitate-auriculate basally, then widely rhomboidal, very obtuse and slightly, thicker apically. Column sub-apodal, 2 mm long, obviously thicker apically. Ovary (pedicel excluded) not longer titan the perianthe. Pedicel fructiferous 12-15 mm long. Capsule oblong (12 x 6 mm).

Terrestrial, on lime stone, in tropical woods; flowering in January.

NW. Madagascar