Disperis Johnstonii Group

Glabrous herbs. Leaves normally alternate. Tepal hood shallow or deep, lateral sepals frequently joined at base or more extensively; lip appendage mostly with erect, ascending or horizontally reflexed processes, usually pubescent throughout, blade normally with callus, with pronounced and elongate stalk, rarely stalk short and insignificant. Rostellum arms straight, linearspathulate, erect or slightly twisted outwards.

Subtropical and tropical Africa but ranging into Madagascar, the Indian Ocean islands and south-east Asia.

Disperis ankarensis H.Perrier N. Madagascar.
Disperis bathiei Bosser & la Croix N. Madagascar.
Disperis cordata Sw. Mascarenes.
Disperis discifera H.Perrier Madagascar, Réunion.
Disperis discifera var. borbonica (H.Perrier) Bosser Madagascar, Réunion.
Disperis discifera var. discifera Madagascar.
Disperis erucifera H.Perrier N. Madagascar.
Disperis falcatipetala P.J.Cribb & la Croix N. Madagascar.
Disperis fayi Szlach. & Kowalk. Central African Rep.
Disperis hildebrandtii Rchb.f. Comoros (Mayotte), Madagascar.
Disperis humblotii Rchb.f. Comoros, Madagascar.
Disperis johnstonii Rchb.f. ex Rolfe Trop. & S. Africa.
Disperis katangensis Summerh. W. Tanzania to Angola.
Disperis katangensis var. katangensis.  W. Tanzania to Angola.
Disperis katangensis var. minor Verdc. N. Zambia.
Disperis lanceana H.Perrier N. & ENE. Madagascar.
Disperis lanceolata Bosser & la Croix N. & NC. Madagascar.
Disperis leuconeura Schltr SW. Tanzania to Zimbabwe.
Disperis majungensis Schltr. W. & NW. Madagascar.
Disperis masoalensis P.J.Cribb & la Croix NE. Madagascar.
Disperis mozambicensis Schltr. Mozambique.
Disperis perrieri Schltr. N. Madagascar.
Disperis reichenbachiana Welw. ex Rchb.f. Trop. Africa.
Disperis saxicola Schltr. NC. & SE.Madagascar.
Disperis szolc-rogozinskiana Szlach. & Kowalk. Cameroon
Disperis togoensis Schltr. Trop. Africa.
Disperis tripetaloides (Thouars) Lindl. W. Indian Ocean.

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