Disperis Micrantha Group
Almost always glabrous herbs. Leaves two, mostly alternate, rarely opposite or absent. Hood deep or spurred, lateral sepals free or fused at very base; lip claw weakly or extensively fused with gynostemium, blade flexed forward, flap-shaped or triangular, flat or convex, small in relation to appendage. Rostellum arms short and twisted outwards.

Southern and tropical Africa.

Disperis breviloba Verdc. S. Trop. Africa.
Disperis disiformis Schltr. S. Africa.
Disperis galerita Rchb.f. NW. & S. Ethiopia.
Disperis kilimanjarica Rendle Kenya to Zambia.
Disperis meirax Rchb.f. NW. Ethiopia.
Disperis micrantha Lindl. Zimbabwe to S. Africa.
Disperis parvifolia Schltr. Cameroon, SW. Tanzania to Malawi.
Disperis woodii Bolus E. Cape Prov. to KwaZulu-Natal.

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