Disperis Oppositifolia Group

Glabrous herbs with opposite leaves. Hood shallow or deep, lateral sepals free or joined in their lower part; lip appendage of two forwardcurved, reflexed or decurved narrow processes, usually pubescent throughout, blade narrowly triangular or lorate, unstalked and without an apical callus. Rostellum arms simple where known.

Madagascar, Mascarenes and Comores.

Disperis ciliata Bosser NW. & NE. Madagascar.
Disperis latigaleata H.Perrier ESE. & SE. Madagascar.
Disperis oppositifolia Sm. W. Indian Ocean.
Disperis oppositifolia var. mascarenensis Bosser Réunion, Mauritius.
Disperis oppositifolia var. oppositifolia W. Indian Ocean.
Disperis similis Schltr. N. & C. Madagascar.
Disperis trilineata Schltr. Comoros, N. Madagascar.

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