Disperis Anthoceros Group
Glabrous herbs. Leaves normally opposite or subopposite. Hood deep or with pronounced spur, petals frequently with large basal anterior lobe and therefore appearing bilobed, lateral sepals free or extensively fused; lip claw mostly very long and slender, blade simple and ecallose, often surrounded by hairs, appendage mostly as two pendent or forward-curved and deeply bifurcate lobes, rarely of many pendent lobes or entire and apically dentate. Rostellum arms linearspathulate, erect or suberect, usually elongate and only rarely short (D. nemorosa); stigma lateral, mostly narrowly lanceolate at base of rostellum arms.
Subtropical and tropical Africa; one species ranging into Madagascar.

Disperis anthoceros Rchb.f. Trop. & S. Africa, Madagascar.
Disperis anthoceros var. anthoceros Trop. & S. Africa.
Disperis anthoceros var. grandiflora Verdc. SW. Tanzania.
Disperis anthoceros var. humbertii (H.Perrier) la Croix NE. Madagascar.
Disperis aphylla Kraenzl. ex De Wild. & T.Durand Congo to Kenya and Angola.
Disperis aphylla subsp. aphylla Congo to Kenya and Angola.
Disperis aphylla subsp. bifolia Verdc. Tanzania to Zambia.
Disperis bifida P.J.Cribb SW. Rwanda, Zambia (Nyika Plateau).
Disperis dicerochila Summerh. Ethiopia to S. Trop. Africa.
Disperis egregia Summerh. Tanzania (E. Usambara Mts.).
Disperis elaphoceras Verdc. Tanzania.
Disperis kamerunensis Schltr. Cameroon (Mt. Cameroon).
Disperis kerstenii Rchb.f. Tanzania.
Disperis mildbraedii Schltr. ex Summerh. Bioko, Cameroon.
Disperis natascha-oppeltiae Eb.Fisch., Killmann, Delep. & J.-P.Lebel Rwanda
Disperis nemorosa Rendle E. & S. Trop. Africa.
Disperis nitida Summerh. Cameroon.
Disperis thomensis Summerh. Trop. Africa.
Disperis uzungwae Verdc.  Tanzania.
Disperis virginalis Schltr. E. Zimbabwe to Limpopo.

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