Disperis subgen. Dryorkis (Thouars) Kurzweil & Manning, stat. nov.

Dryorkis Thouars, Nouv. Bull. Sci. Soc. Philom. Paris 1: 316 (1809) [Dryorchis, sphalm.]. — Type species: Dryorkis tripetaloides Thouars, lectotype, here designated.

Mostly glabrous herbs. Leaves alternate or opposite. Median sepal mostly linear or narrowly lanceolate, lateral sepals often fused at their base; petals mostly asymmetrical; lip appendage almost always bilobed, mostly hairy or papillate, blade frequently stalked. Rostellum arms usually straight, erect or slightly twisted. Pollen baculate.

Forty-four species, mainly in the African, Madagascan and Asian tropics and extending into the northern parts of southern Africa.